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Wood Fencing Chattanooga TN

wood fence chattanooga

When it comes to fences, you really can’t beat the original. Since the old days, houses all over the United States have come to rely on the good old wooden fences to keep strangers and stray animals away. Even until today, wood is still used as the best fencing material because its cheap, it’s easy to install and maintain. You can’t beat a good old wooden fence to give your house that classic vintage look and feel.

Today, you have iron fences, vinyl fences, and even fences that are made from aluminum. You can simply choose which material you’d want from your fence and have it built as fast as you want.

Unlike newer fencing materials like iron and vinyl, a wooden fence is very easy to install. If one of the posts is taller than the rest of the wood fence panels, you can simply cut this one post to match the others once the concrete footing is in place. Vinyl and iron fences are ready-made, so you need to be careful with installing them. You can’t adjust the height for the panels once they’re installed.

With wooden fences, you can fix each of the panels provided that they are not in place. With vinyl and metal posts, they are fabricated from a mold so their fixture is already permanent. Wooden fence panels can be maneuvered easily in case the distance between the two nearby posts is too wide. And because they are inexpensive, wood fence replacement is easy. All it takes is for you or a professional fence repairman to remove the broken post or panel and then easily nail the replacement post or panel back to the fence.


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For the nature-conscious home owner, a wooden fence is always the first choice. Nowadays, wood used for fencing purposes are no longer made from wood that is cut down from trees. Most construction and fencing companies nowadays use fence post and panel that is made from recycled wood. It’s still as good as natural wood and they’re cheaper to buy too.

If you’re interested in getting a wooden fence installed for your home, then simply give us a call. Here at the Chattanooga Fence Company, we can install your wooden fence in just a few minutes. Our team of professional fence installers is trained and certified to install all types of fences, from wood to vinyl and iron fences. You can contact us at (423) 847-2911 or visit us at our office at 5002 Florida Ave. Chattanooga, Tn 37409.

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