Founded on the idea that no one deserves a shoddy and poorly-installed fence, we at Chattanooga Fence Company have made it our commitment to serve our customers the best way we can. And the only way for us to do that is to make sure that we are all prepared to handle any and all kinds of fence repair and installation. We simply can’t just claim that we are the best in Chattanooga, but can’t back it up.

For that reason, we make sure that the contractors we hire are good with what they do. We provide training, certification, and we give them the best tools to deal with any situations regarding fences. Our contractors are also insured for the protection of our customers. This is why most of our local customers are very pleased with our services. Not only do they have peace of mind because their fences are repaired and restored back to their original state, but also due to the fact that our contractors are insured in case of work-related problems.

We at Chattanooga Fence Company have over 25 years of experience when it comes to installing and repairing fences. We can’t claim to be the best and yet, we only have a few years of experience! Besides, it is only through experience that we can all mold our contractors on what to do for every situation. Other local fencing contractors believe that you’ll learn about fence installation and repair as you go and serve your customers. We believe this to be false though. It’s like a game where you have to first gain experience in order to become good at what you do. The same holds true for fence repair and installation.

Finally, we believe in the power of quality service over pricing. Most Chattanooga fence contractors ask for high fees for their service because of the quality of their services. We don’t believe in this one bit. You can provide the best services for your clients, but if the service fee is too expensive, there will come a time when this customer will find a cheaper alternative instead. We at the Chattanooga Fence Company believe that a cheaper service fee is better than having no service fee at all. Thus, we keep our prices at an affordable rate to keep our clients happy with us at all times.

Have questions or suggestions? You can contact us at (423) 847-2911 or visit us at our office at 5002 Florida Ave. Chattanooga, Tn 37409.

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